What are Color Profiles?

Color Profiles are files that contain instructions to tell Lightroom how to interpret RAW files. Based on the color profile you use, the tones, colors, and other aspects of the photo will change.

Color Profiles are the evolution of presets as we know them. They let you achieve the same initial effect as a preset, but allow for many different variations in the editing process. You can even add an additional preset while working within a color profile!…


Although the final effects of each may make you think that they are similar, reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Starting Point:
A preset is a series of adjustments that someone has already made in the Develop Module such as increasing exposure, decreasing shadows, increasing highlights, modifying contrast, etc. If we go to the settings window, we can see how the effect sliders and tone curve have changed. When we use color profiles this does not happen because it is the raw file that is changed, not the effect sliders. This gives you many more possibilities to personalize the editing style when making additional adjustments.

By modifying your original raw file, color profiles are more complex and will allow the user to make more advanced modifications that those that can be obtained by simply using and effect slider.

One of the biggest advantages of color profiles in Lightroom is that it creates a new effect slider that allows you to increase or decrease the color profile, similar to how you can modify the opacity of a layer in Photoshop. This gives you control over the degree the color profile is used in your photo.

Another primary advantage that color profiles have is that you can use them initially, and then add and work with any additional presets you want. Profiles and presets work together to expand and create additional results in your editing process.


Color Profiles will step up your editing game and Zeta Profiles will take you to that next level. Use them with Zeta Preset to create unique combinations that will wow both you and your clients.



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