The Zeta LR Profiles are the evolution of the preset that we've always known. Based on the original Zeta Presets, Zeta Profiles will take you editing to the next level. Launch yourself into the future of LR editing by mixing Zeta Profiles with Zeta Presets and create new combinations with just one click. To learn more about the difference between profiles and presets click here. Zeta Profiles comes with an in depth PDF installation guide that includes examples and explanationes for each profile.



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The profiles work with the desktop version of Lightroom (Mac/Windows).

Transform your photos with one-click! For more information about profiles, click here

Includes installation instructions and the most complete user guide in existence, featuring real life examples, suggestions, and instructions for each color combination

Instant Download

Remember, you can combine our profiles with our presets (or your own!) for infinite editing possibilities