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Wedding Photography at Creek’s Edge winery in Lovettsville, Virginia.

A combination of a costume party and a wedding, this is what was achieved in Wedding Photography at Creek’s Edge. A combination that can only be obtained in this place, a winery with an old air that is really incredible.

This couple, seeing this place and the date of their wedding, decided to get out of the monotony a little, inventing a special theme for the day of their union. All the guests were dressed up for their wedding, which ended in a very colorful photo shoot.

The lighting in this case was perfect highlighting that dark, but at the same time festive scenario that was sought to obtain. It was awesome, some costumes were really spectacular and everyone wanted to take pictures with the happy couple.

Wedding Photography at Creek’s Edge was first filled with a wide variety of characters, from Star Wars, to magical godparents and Maleficent. It was certainly something out of the ordinary, until finally the couple managed to meet.

At this time, they began with the real ceremony, a beautiful wedding attended by a huge number of varied characters. Egyptians, Hogwarts students and all kinds of science fiction beings who were attentive to the marriage of this beautiful couple.

It should be noted that the bride walked triumphantly to the altar, this thanks to the incredible lighting that was in the place. After saying their vows, the wedding was successful and all the costumed guests began to pose without further ado, all next to the bride and groom.

Finally, both went also for their costumes, but before arriving at the party, we passed through a field where we obtained several impressive images. A black and white filter was added, perfect for highlighting Photographyat Creek’s Edge.

Already in the evening, we were again in the place where all the decoration was Halloween, perfect for an unforgettable party. We used some hum effects to our advantage, achieving really scary photographs, worthy of a Halloween wedding.

The dances were the best, each couple managed to stand out and leave a photo for posterity. This is undoubtedly one of the best parts of this job, seeing the happiness of people remembering this special day while looking at the photographs.

The Photography at Creek’s Edge wedding that night was very different, especially when the party reached its peak. All these people in costume brought out their best dance moves, even the oldest ones were having fun like never before.