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Small Wedding at Sandy Spring Museum  in Washington DC.

There are currently not many places that have been converted into historical museums, which is why the wedding at Sandy Spring Museum is one of a kind. Especially for having been in a place that is basically the cradle of current history.

This place seems to have stopped in time, since 1981 it has remained intact, without many changes or improvements. It is the perfect place for a conservative couple to make preparations to enjoy their wedding.

On this occasion, the bride and groom did not want to wait too long, so there are a few photos prior to the ceremony. Once in the place, the couple proved to have a very dynamic relationship, making some jokes while looking for a way to put on the rings.

Those present were delighted to see the union of this beautiful couple, a scene that we undoubtedly captured in our photos of the wedding at Sandy Spring Museum. Once the ceremony was over, there was time for the photo shoot, the work was quick but very rewarding.

They are a wonderful and fun couple; their features make the other stand out so it was easy to find the perfect angle for a good photo. The atmosphere also helped a lot, the temperature was ideal and there was not too much wind, so it was possible to work without complications.

We even managed to use a nearby tree to get some amazing photos, this is difficult to achieve when there is a lot of wind, as the tree would not stop moving. The couple was very happy with these images, no doubt they will have a good memory seeing them in a few years.

Next were the photos with the family and guests of the wedding at Sandy Spring Museum, certainly a close-knit family. Everyone was happy to belong to that group photo that could well be framed and cherished at grandma’s house as a family memory.

Once the night fell silent, a big party began, one where everyone enjoyed like never before and of course we took many photographs. Everyone stood out on the dance floor, it is these moments that are really worth capturing in an image.

This was still the wedding at Sandy Spring Museum, but with a much more partying air, a celebration that everyone will remember. The groom without much thought entered the dance floor, quickly followed by his new life partner.

They looked great together, when cutting the cake there was no lack of the typical romp with the meringue. Each family member and friend had their moment to give their best wishes to the beautiful couple, many cried, others laughed, but no doubt all were caught on camera.