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Wedding Photography at Byrd Theatre and New York Deli.
For theater and film lovers, a wedding at the Byrd Theatre is certainly a dream come true, one that this beautiful couple achieved. This is a special place for both of you, not only because of what it means to the theater, but also because of all the dates you enjoyed in it.

Their joy was very visible since they arrived at the place, they had all the theater for themselves, to celebrate their union of love. Thanks to the fact that it is an old theater, the Wedding Photography at Byrd Theater ended up having a somewhat dark lighting, as if it were from a few years ago.

This should also be attributed to the fact that the place has an exquisite decoration, combining colors that make the place look very glamorous. The bride and groom were delighted with the place and the guests undoubtedly enjoyed the wedding, seen from the seats as if it were a work.

From the stage, the panoramic images could be captured in an exceptional way and without much effort. It ended up forming an incredible photo shoot, thanks to the guests who did not hesitate to pose fabulously.

We were able to take perfect advantage of the poor lighting of the place, the couple stood out from the others, so we got fun and beautiful images. At the end of all this, the couple wanted one last Wedding Photography at Byrd Theatre.

But this time it was on the outside, specifically where the bulletin board for the movies is located. At this point, the photos had a degree more difficult, especially since the wind bothered a little.

We prepared everything quickly and managed to get a lot of Wedding Photography at Byrd Theatre and then go where the party would start. This was at the New York Deli, a joyful place where you can sing, dance and party all night.

Here, already beginning to get dark, the lighting wanted to play tricks on us, luckily, we managed to take it in our favor. In the photos it was possible to clearly see how much fun this couple was having, eating, dancing and even singing.

Something that undoubtedly caught our attention, this couple took advantage of their moment to sing from the bottom of their hearts. Something that we managed to capture with our cameras, will undoubtedly be a moment that they will never forget thanks to all these photographs.

Without further ado, when the night came, the party began to reach its most exciting point, where everyone got up to enjoy. Many were encouraged and began to sing with the couple, ending up creating a very cheerful and fun atmosphere.