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Wedding at River’s Bend Ranch in Shennadoah – VA

Many people prefer a ranch in the countryside to celebrate their holidays, the photos of this occasion are from the wedding at River’s Bend Ranch. A perfect place to spend the holidays, visit and organize all kinds of parties or meetings.

Weddings in this place are simply magical, thanks to that mystical glow that comes out of the trees and grass. This ranch has special rooms for this type of celebrations, really comfortable places so that the bride and groom can get ready without much problem.

It also has open spaces, landscapes so spectacular that you can feel peace just by looking at a photo. The day started a little tortuous due to the heat that was in the first hours, at this time we were just preparing to take the first photo session.

Luckily, the bride chose a really cool dress that helped her enjoy this session much more. Except for the groom who had to wipe his sweat and prepare for each batch of photos, although the heat did not last long and soon, we were at an ideal temperature.

Even the lighting improved a lot when the ceremony began, everyone was anxious and waiting for the bride and groom. After presenting their vows and accepting the engagement, we were able to capture the joy on the faces of the happy couple.

A happiness that was joined by most of the guests, all were willing to participate in the photos of wedding at River’s Bend Ranch. After this small family photo shoot, we were able to catch the last rays of sun of the day, getting a beautiful image at sunset.

That image could become one of the couple’s most beautiful memories, although their celebration was not yet over. It was getting dark, which meant it was time for the night party at River’s Bend Ranch.

At this moment we saw the dancing skills of this couple, really the camera loved them, they looked very happy together. Soon everyone began to cheer up and out-of-control images began to appear, every person was enjoying this day.

It’s been a long time since a wedding at River’s Bend Ranch of this magnitude has been seen, no one sat tonight. This time is when the skills of a photographer come to light, it is very difficult to get a good photograph when everyone is moving.

Especially since the environment begins to heat up and the lens fills with moisture, making it difficult to focus. Luckily, all the images ended up looking spectacular, managing to capture all the smiling faces at this wedding.

To finish everything, the couple surprised us with a final dance, where they overflowed love and had a lot of fun. Ending with a touching kiss, which we managed to immortalize in one of our photographs, you will undoubtedly be able to relive this moment every time you see your photos.