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Wedding at Common House RVA

Celebrate love and unforgettable moments at Common House RVA in Richmond, VA, with our exquisite wedding photography collection. At Omar Zeta Photography, we take immense pride in capturing the beauty and essence of weddings, especially those that embrace Black love and BIPOC summer weddings. Our glamorous photography style ensures that each image exudes elegance and grace, immortalizing the joy and unity of every couple.

As you browse through our portfolio, you’ll witness the magical union of couples amidst the enchanting ambiance of Common House RVA. Our skilled photographers have an innate talent for capturing candid, heartfelt moments, ensuring that each photo tells a unique and cherished story.

A wedding at Common House RVA is a one-of-a-kind experience, and we take great care to capture every detail that makes it exceptional. From the breathtaking décor and captivating atmosphere to the genuine emotions shared by the couple and their guests, our photographs reflect the true essence of the celebration.

We understand the significance of representation and inclusivity, which is why we embrace and cherish BIPOC summer weddings. Our focus on Black love and diverse love stories allows us to connect deeply with each couple and document their day in the most authentic and respectful manner.

Check out the engagement session of this beautiful couple at Maymont Park.

At Omar Zeta Photography, we consider every wedding session at RVA to be an opportunity to create art and preserve memories that last a lifetime. Our expert editing and retouching ensure that each photo is a masterpiece, radiating happiness and love.

Contact us today to schedule your dream wedding photography session at Common House RVA, and let us craft a timeless album that reflects your love, joy, and shared journey. At Omar Zeta Photography, we are dedicated to creating art that celebrates love in all its beautiful forms.