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Wedding at  Eastwood Winery and Farm in Charlottesville, Va.

Few weddings are as beautiful as the wedding at Eastwood farm and winery, as this is a magical place. It has ideal natural lighting so that a photographer can get the most out of a photo shoot.

Upon arrival it was a bit difficult, as there was a bit of humidity which made it difficult to take a good approach. Once the sun appeared, he gave us a beautiful glow, perfect to start preparations and of course take some photos.

We were with the boyfriend, who is a little nervous in front of the camera at the time of getting ready. Then we accompanied the bride while she put the finishing touches to leave, we took advantage of taking some photos with the relatives before going to the altar.

It is needless to note that, at this point the day was perfect for a wedding, the sun’s rays illuminated the forest and the flowers giving a magical touch to the ceremony. The groom waited impatiently until he saw his partner arrive, at that moment he drew a smile that we undoubtedly captured in photography.

Both looked very happy, after saying their vows they looked into each other’s eyes and sealed the deal with an emotional kiss. Finally, we arrived at the photo shoot at the Wedding at Eastwood farm and winery with all the guests and family.

An incredible moment that then turned into a great celebration, music, a great atmosphere and great wines, everything you would expect from a Wedding at Eastwood farm and winery. The bride and groom did not hesitate to have a great time, showing all the love they had, weddings are really magical.

At night and after a few wines, the party reached its most fun point, all the guests were standing dancing and enjoying. The joy overflowed in the place and the attention from the farm was simply adequate.

After some time at the party, the bride and groom take a break to split wedding cake, three floors of pure sweetness. After these things got out of control, the fun seemed to have no end as they began to sing the songs and invite everyone to dance.

No doubt this has been a wedding that you will never forget, that is why our work is so essential, we help preserve these experiences. Thanks to an unusual collaboration of the weather, there were no setbacks when capturing each image.

As a result, we obtained an enormous number of photos of the Wedding at Eastwood farm and winery. Where even the oldest ended up getting up and enjoying every moment, all to celebrate this union.